TBC Global, Inc. is a Houston, TX registered company distributes bearings and rollers mainly manufactured by our sister company- Wafangdian Weiyuan Bearing Manufacturings Co.,Ltd. W&Y facilities are located in Wafangdian Dalian, China with 160 employees totally. W&Y has 20,000m2 floor area and 15,000m2 building area.

W&Y was founded in 1993. There are three business divisions, large diameter bearings, slewing rings and rollers. The products are for a wide range of applications like: steel making, mining, oil drilling, wind power, ship-building, paper&pulp, material handling, chemical, solar power.

As an ISO certificated company, W&Y control quality strictly to assure products perform exactly as specified. This is the reason for W&Y's continuing and rapid growth in the past 20 years.

For more information, www.wybearings.cn


Quality equivalent to major brands.

By working for major bearing producers in Europe in the past 10 years, our sister company W&Y Bearings in China obtained a great experience from bearing design, material, heat treatment, processing and inspection.


Global supplier to leading companies.

Save your money and time.

Competitive prices

Replacement of all major brands

at price 50% or even lower.

Short lead time

For make-to-order and customized

bearings, our shortest delivery can be 30days.


Rebuild your bearings

TBC can supply all components,

rollers, cages, rings to meet your bearing

rebuilding purpose.

Small Batch Size Accepted

TBC accepts small batch size for customized

design bearings even at one piece.


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