TBC supplies high quality bearings to many heavy industries.

Steel&Metal Industry

From iron ore and coke mining and processing to melting furnaces, casting, hot mill, through the finishing stands, all along the way, TBC carries the loads that make, move, and shape the metal into it's final marketable form. TBC bearings are used to roll out finished aluminum, steel, and other metal products.TBC supplies to both OEM and replacement need.


TBC products have a strong reputation for outstanding industrial performance in vibrating screens, feeders, wash plant equipment, conveyors and a wide array of mining machinery components. Whether specifying us as your OEM supplier or replacing your bearings with upgraded components you can be certain our reputation for helping customers achieve maximum operational efficiency is built into our products

Rock crushing

Rock crushers break large stones into smaller stones/pebbles by causing continual impact on the raw material. Impact is one of the most severe types of load that can be applied to a bearing.TBC supplies bearings to both Jaw Crushers and Cone Crushers. We provide bearings for plants as well as mobile machinery

Paper Industry

Bearings used in the paper making process of Paper Mills are large size Spherical Roller Bearings. Our heavy duty bronze cage bearing design is suited to many large roll applications and contain features to achieve the optimum performance of your equipments, from paper machinery to coating equipment to presses, dryers, calendars and winders.


TBC supplies almost all kinds of large bearings for oil field drilling exploration . Types of equipment are mud pumps, swivels, drawworks, crown and traveling blocks, rotary table, blow-out preventers, and well service pumps. Usually, large cylindrical roller bearings with thin cross sections are used. Rotary tables use large thrust angular contact ball bearings. TBC are extremely good at these bearings



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